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This award-winning course offers a wide and diverse range of opportunities in the digital arts field, with more than 80 years combined experience between staff. Our team have experience working in film, TV series and commercials, with credits in releases such as Fantastic Beasts, Dr Who, His Dark Materials, and content in Disney+, Netflix, to name a few. This course prides itself on allowing you to find your own path within the moving arts, from creating 3D motion design for high-end commercials, title sequence design for television series, to digital matte painting environments within the latest blockbusters. Essentially, if it's digital and in motion, we're interested.

Graduate Industry Showcase

Every year, graduates end up in the biggest studios around the world. In the VFX industry we have students working in the likes of Industrial Light & Magic, DNEG, Moving Picture Company, Framestore, Goodbye Kansas, and more. Students have gone onto worked on productions such as Dune, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, No Time To Die, Andor, Ahsoka, etc. Regarding Motion Design, we’ve got students working for the likes of Buck, The Mill, Carbon, Man vs Machine, and more.

The course prides itself on its creative freedom and expanse of motion and VFX industry specialist options, with an intense program of learning the creativity behind visual effects, 2D and 3D design, while covering a wide gamut of software and technical skillsets. 




The course will directly make use of the specialist filming studios and range of camera equipment, giving you hands on instruction and also giving you direct access to book out the facilities and camera equipment for your use at any time while studying on the Visual Effects and Motion Graphics course. By providing state of the art industry level facilities and equipment, we provide hands-on industry focused training and teaching to make sure you are studio ready but also to let you realise your creative ideas.


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