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The BA (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics course at the University of South Wales is the right choice for artists that have a passion for visual media or for those that know exactly where their career path is headed.

This course prepares you for a successful career in the creative industries. With active industry experienced lecturers directly working with you to craft your projects and help you network with the leading Visual Effects and Motion Design studios across the UK.

Our award-winning students have gone on to work for big-name studios that we work in collaboration with; including ILM, DNEG, Framestore, MPC, Bait Studios, Nineteentwenty to name just a few!

Graduate Industry Showcase




The course will directly make use of the specialist filming studios and range of camera equipment, giving you hands on instruction and also giving you direct access to book out the facilities and camera equipment for your use at any time while studying on the Visual Effects and Motion Graphics course. By providing state of the art industry level facilities and equipment, we provide hands-on industry focused training and teaching to make sure you are studio ready but also to let you realise your creative ideas.


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