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The course will directly make use of the specialist filming studios and range of camera equipment, giving you hands on instruction and also giving you direct access to book out the facilities and camera equipment for your use at any time while studying on the course.


With state of the art industry level facilities and equipment, we provide hands-on industry focused training and teaching to make sure you are studio ready but also to let you realise your creative ideas.


Green Screen Studio

  • £100,000 industry standard green screen facility
  • Bi-colour ceiling mounted lighting grid enabling tungsten or daylight colour temperatures
  • Range of floor lamps (Kino Flo, Diva, Select Full-RGB, Dedo lamps)
  • Custom built 180° infinity curve
  • Fully integrated DMX 24-channel lighting desk
  • ATEM switcher, recorder and live-keyer
  • Canon C300 Mk2
  • Cinematic range CP2+3 lenses

TV Studio

  • 4K fiber recording facility

  • Grid-mounted lighting options (Image 45, range of ARRI tungsten lighting)

  • Rack-mounted engineering suite featuring talk-back radios and wireless presenters

  • Separate gallery recording facility powered by Black Magic and ATEM

  • Dual-purpose space from TV studio setup to larger green screen cyc

  • Three 2K Sony TV ped-mounted zoom cameras


Dedicated Spaces with High Performance Machines

  • Two computer studios and one study area

  • 40+ 4k i7 Apple iMac's with 16GB RAM and dedicated GPU

  • 4K Projectors

  • 4K Presenter TV

  • 1GB internet download speeds


Cameras and Equipment

  • Dedicated Media Loans department catering £1.5 million worth of equipment

  • Canon C300 Mk2

  • Sony FS5, Z150, NX100, A7S Mk2, A7R 3

  • Black Magic Cine4K, Ursa Mini, Ursa Production

  • Kino Flo, Dedo, ARRI and Photon Beard lamps

  • Range of aputure LED lamps

  • Camera stabilisation (Ronin MX, Movi Pro)

  • Selection of prime lenses (CP2 & CP3, Xeen's, range of Canon DSLR primes)


MoCap Studio

  • Vicon 18-camera volume

  • Run via Blade software

  • 10x Vicon MoCap suits

  • Crash mats & running machines


Theatre and Cinema

  • State-of-the-art 4K projector

  • Star cloth cyc

  • ATEM studio production facility with live streaming capabilities

  • 150 capacity Theatre auditorium

  • 160 capacity Cinema auditorium

  • M.2 lighting desk


Additional Facilities

  • Dolby mixing studio

  • AVID finishing suite

  • Array of music, radio and podcast studios

  • Talk-back studio

  • Journalism news studio

  • Rehearsal space

  • Fabrication workshops including laser-cutting and 3D printing labs


A Creative Campus

USW Cardiff is in the city center, putting you at the heart of the capital of Wales. It's the perfect home for our creative industries courses and students. The last decade has seen specialist facilities develop across campus for you to hone and learn creative skills in a professional environment. Cardiff is a major center for media production in the UK, with the city center now home to the BBC in addition to the established Bad Wolf Studios, home to TV productions such as His Dark Materials.

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