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The team are professionally experienced and continue to work in the industry. Having worked across all sectors of VFX and Motion Graphics in Film, TV, advertising, online and social media content. Credited on award winning films and television series, as well as working with high-profile advertising brands such as Google, BBC and Sky.

Geraint Thomas COURSE LEADER

Course Leader of the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics course at USW. Geraint has over 15 years industry experience working on a wide range of projects across a variety of platforms and disciplines. From television series and high-budget commercials to online and social media motion design, some of Geraint’s work includes creating content for high-profile corporations such as BBC, Google, NowTV, Sky, Nationwide, AX Paris, Watchshop, Ancestry, and Legoland, to name a few. Geraint has worked in numerous areas across the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics field; from large television production pipelines to online digital content teams, to working with the advertising and promotional field. The diversity of these roles has given him an insight into how greatly the industry differs depending on the nature of the work at hand, with substantial experience in a vast range of areas. Geraint’s technical expertise lies within After Effects and Motion Graphics, although has a working knowledge of all areas of the course. Fact: Geraint once smashed a champagne glass due to being overly excited over a grape.


Emma Davies Lecturer

Emma is a passionate Motion graphics artist with a career that has taken her through diverse avenues, from fast-paced studios to the world of freelancing. With a background in the marketing, advertising and educational sector, Emma has had the opportunity to collaborate with notable names such as Adobe, Crayola, BBC, NHS Wales and Dementia UK. Emma's skills lie within the Adobe Creative Suite, with her primary focus on After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Emma once played an extra in a 'Beatles' gig, but knew none of the lyrics to the songs.

Chris Thomas Lecturer

Chris Thomas, one of the original founders of this course, has over 25 years experience working within the visual effects and motion design industry. With a portfolio of work that covers both feature films and high-profile TV series for the likes of Netflix, Disney+, etc, Chris has a broad and expert knowledge of not only the industry, but of the work that's involved in creating something fit for purpose. A contextually driven artist who specialises in design, Chris has a keen eye for typography, print and graphic design medium, along with his visual effects skillsets.


Dr Pete Hodges Lecturer

Pete has developed the progression of the Animation & Visual Effects courses since the 1990’s. His main teaching duties on the course are for the Critical Studies, Critical Research & Supervision modules for years 2 and 3. Pete’s PhD was entitled ‘Towards a definition of the dialogical interactions between image and sound effects in animated film’. His expertise and interests are focused on Animated Film, Sound and Image in Film, Interactive/Non-Linear Narratives, Animated Infographics, and Believable Visual Effects. Pete thinks peanut M&M’s have no calories and are full of protein, although this may not be true.

Kris Francies Technical Instructor

Kris is the technical instructor for Film & Visual Effects and is one of a team of technical instructors that will deliver training with regards to green screen production, on set lighting and camera usage and correct filming practice. Kris has years of experience in many facets of production and has a huge amount of technical skills and knowledge with regards to cinematography, lighting and project production which are essential to supporting any practical modules. Kris has extensive knowledge and experience from production sets such as; The Reverend, Ironclad, Winston, The Gospel of Us, The Green Hollow, To Provide All People, as well as tv shows such as Grandpa in my pocket, Casualty, HAHA Hairies, Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor. For the past 10 years Kris has also worked with the Iris Prize Festival and has undertaken key roles in each of the winner’s films, several of which have been recognised for their excellence with Sundance and Bafta. Kris actively continues to work on short films and features with the Iris Prize Festival in addition to his USW commitments.


James Kimm Technical Instructor

With a passion for innovation and technology, James has dedicated his career to pioneering the exciting realm of virtual production. While being at the forefront of this ground-breaking technology as a researcher and instructor, James aims to empower the next generation of filmmakers. Through his work, he not only explores the limitless possibilities of virtual production and where this can be applied at all production levels but also imparts his knowledge and expertise to eager students, shaping the future of filmmaking. James has also spent his career studying how to apply the latest technologies to productions and has now begun to journey into Virtual Production.

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